Tutto Italiano connects Italian companies with the rest of the world, with a particular focus to Hong Kong and the Chinese market.

We are located in Hong Kong and want to create a bridge between the two cultures: there’s a lot of talk about a new silk road and we’re here to walk it!

Tutto Italiano can also support Chinese companies that want to export their products to Italy.

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Furnishing Accessories

Tutto Italiano’s Italian partners have always been guided by a strong sensitivity to beauty; they research, select and produce the best furnishing accessories for a perfect blend between the shapes, aesthetics and the quality of materials.

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Casabella Grattoni 1892 has, for over 130 years, been the place of inspiration for furbishing the environments that surround our daily lives and a reference point for the many people who, while living far away, have come to them; people who are looking for something unique, tasteful and able to combine contemporaneity, craftsmanship and design.

Art and artists

Italy has always been the cradle of art, famous all over the world for its famous monuments, churches, gardens, palaces and museums.

Tutto Italiano wishes to promote and enhance contemporary Italian art through the presentation of renowned and/or emerging artists, offering their artworks to the market of private collectors, to expert collectors or to make a hotel even more exclusive and transform it, as if by magic, into an art gallery!

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Olga Danelone


Olga Danelone was born in Italy. She completed artistic and multimedia studies in both Udine and Urbino. Together with her work as a painter, at first, she carried out an analysis on Eastern philosophy and afterwards, along with scientific themes, on Western philosophy. Philosophy and science are still part of her personal and artistic research.

She has begun her exhibition activities in 1986 and her artworks are found in private and public collections both in Italy and around the world.


Food & Wine

Tutto Italiano carefully selects the best winemakers in Italy, the wineries that stand out for the quality of their products. Tutto Italiano wants to bring the quality of Italian wines on the restaurants’ tables, in the wine cellars, in the wine bars and in the glasses at your home.

Moreover, Tutto italiano would like to spread the culture of Italian food everywhere. For this reason Tutto Italiano selects for you the best typical italian products.

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