Trophallaxis Connection


Tempera and solid wax on Bristol paper – cm 70×70

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Trophallaxis Connection

Human social dynamics as a biological phenomenon. Trophallaxis is a chemical language in a chemical world. Similarly, the global population, in junctions, roundabouts and escalators moves along paths like destinies.

Title: Trophallaxis connection
Dimensions: cm 70×70
Technique: Tempera and solid wax on Bristol paper
Year: 2015

Artist: Olga Danelone

Olga Danelone Artistic Research Olga Danelone combines multiple techniques and languages to bring the scientific concept, very important and sympathetic to her, of trophallaxis into the dynamics of contemporary urban life. It is the reciprocal exchange of nourishment that, on the one hand, connects all the members of a colony of social insects and, on the other hand, plays an important role in the cohesion of the group itself. Olga Danelone, through the expansion of roads and its interweaving, the deviations, escalators, roundabouts and confluences, tells of the shared food as a founding element of the cohesion of the group and inescapable social bond. Her recent idea of the brand "Olga Danelone - International Street View" is a representation of the role of ‘Creator of Destinies’ (‘creatore di destini’). It is to be imprinted on maps and is approved and stamped, our “to-come" (“a-venire”) ready and available to all.