Compatible Nespresso Capsules


Coffee capsules compatible with NESPRESSO machine. Four flavors.

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Compatible Nespresso Capsules

Oro Caffè


Coffee capsules compatible with NESPRESSO machine. Available in 4 flavors: TRIESTE, PRIMAVERA (decaffeinated), VENEZIA, CAPRI.

  • Minimum order: 1 boxe of 10 capsules, total 10 capsules
  • Delivery time: 3 working days



Precious blend containing Arabica coffee ideal for those who want an invigorating, refreshing coffee in the morning and a boost of energy during the day. Characterized by a sweet, delicate, aromatic taste and a dense, creamy body.

Primavera (Decaffeinated)

For those who do want to give up the aroma and creaminess of an espresso, ORO Caffè suggests a blend of carefully and highly-selected decaffeinated coffees. A sweet taste with a caffeine content lower than 0.07%.


Venezia is a fine Arabica blend ideal for those who love coffee with a fragrant aroma and sweet taste. It has a dense body and a fine, compact cream. An aftertaste of hazelnut and almonds is present.


Capri is the result of a careful blend of highly selected coffees which offers a full-bodied espresso, with a strong flavour and a very compact cream. An aftertaste of bread crusts is present.

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Oro Caffè: Best Italian Coffee ORO CAFFE': THE PATH OF QUALITY What has always distinguished ORO CAFFÈ is the attention to the research and selection as well as the care taken in the creation of fine coffee blends. The choice has always focused on coffee that has achieved the best ratings, whatever its origin.   ORO CAFFE': THE TRUSTED ROASTING COMPANY OF QUALITY BARISTAS AND RESTAURATEURS The ORO CAFFÈ roasting facility was founded over 30 arear ago with the aim of offering selected blends for a quality Espresso coffee that remains constant over time. Our quest continues today, through the search of the best coffees in the world with a roasting and blending to perfection. We now distribute our coffees and our taste in over 40 countries.