Vineria Vencò, Winery & Restaurant

The Vineria Vencò, Winery & Restaurant, selects the highest quality products from the area and beyond, to satisfy the most demanding palates: the best meats and fresh fish are selected by our Chefs to create dishes where taste and harmony come together to pursue a new way of taste and flavors under the star of “Livon” wines.

The Chef of the Vineria Vencò, Winery & Restaurant, searches for the best seasonal products for a menu full of taste and imagination, delicate and personal, to make the convivial occasions in the Collio hills unique. In addition, every evening, you can taste the renowned pizza, rich in nutritional properties which, with a slow leavening, is light, crunchy and very digestible.

Dolegna del Collio, a municipality bordering Slovenia, includes seven hamlets: Lonzano, Vencò, Mernico, Restocina, Ruttars, Scriò, Trussio; it extends for 1243 hectares, including hills, of which 710 are planted with vines, therefore 60% of the territory is used for the production of wine.

The Vineria Vencò, Winery & Restaurant, offers an exclusive menù for Tutto Italiano Customers.

The Tutto Italiano’s Menù will be an opportunity to get to know and savor the flavors of the area, the Collio Friulano.

The culinary excellence and the renowned wine-growing experience of the production of Livon wines await you at the Vineria Vencò, Winery & Restaurant, exclusively to all Tutto Italiano Customers.


Dolegna del Collio, in the province of Gorizia, Italy.

Dolegna del Collio is an Italian town of about 350 people in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, in the province of Gorizia.

The municipality of Dolegna del Collio is located near the Slovenian border and is crossed by the Judrio river: its origin, and its current conformation, is agricultural with a predominance of viticulture.

The hilly terrain is the ideal base for wine growing, renowned for the production of wines famous all over the world.

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