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Dr. Antonina Agolzer is an Italian MD DERMATOLOGIST practicing since 1991.

She obtained her Master Degree in medicine and surgery (with a full score “cum laude”) at the University of Trieste in 1988, where she continued the School of Specialization in dermatology and venereology (degree with full score “cum laude” in 1991).

During her university years, she had work experience at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus of Wien (Vienna Gen-eral Hospital) and, during her second degree, at the Freie Universität of Berlin.

She has worked a few years as a dermatologist in the Italian public healthcare system but has now dedicat-ed herself to work as a private practitioner. She has worked, for over 20 years, in her clinic (Studio Agolzer) in Udine (a small city in the north-east of Italy).

Her fields of interest are dermatoscopy, aesthetic and corrective dermatology, trichology, paediatric derma-tology, functional medicine and nutrition as therapy; all of this in a holistic approach toward patients.

She has spoken in many medical congresses, written many medical publications and has organised derma-tological courses and classes with multiple Italian scientific societies. These include the International-Italian Society of Plastic-Aesthetic and Oncologic Dermatology (ISPLAD) and Donne Dermatologhe Italia (DDI).

Every year, she follows the most important congresses in Italy and Europe, with the aim to maintain the best and most up-to-date dermatological knowledge possible.

Her mother tongue is Italian but she also speaks a very good level of German and English.

In 2003 she founded a private cultural association which promotes and teaches children the correct behav-iour in regards to the sun and exposure to UVA rays. This long effort of providing information and student-screening in schools allowed her to obtain, in 2014, the prestigious award of “Donna di fiori nella ricerca” in Gorizia, Italy.

Servizi proposti

  • Dermatological advice against all dermatological illnesses (following Italian protocols): ACNE, ROSACEA, PSORIASIS, ECZEMA
  • Dermatoscopic approach to pigmented and non pigmented skin lesions
  • Aesthetic advice against scars (acne scars, traumatic scars)
  • Management of side effects of lasers, filler injection and other aesthetic procedures
  • Tutorial about dermatological procedures (peeling, filler, mesotherapy)

The services are provided via e-mail, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp to fellow doctors, beauty and well-ness centres, dermocosmetic industries and individual patients.

The service provided can include shipment of Italian dermatological products to Hong Kong. English knowledge is required for direct contact with Studio Agolzer.

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Udine is an Italian city of 100,000 people in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

The city is located in the center of the historic Friuli region. It is just over 20 km from Slovenia, and about 54 km from Austria. This places it in a strategic position, on the road leading to Austria and east Europe.

It rises in the high plain. There is the historic castle of Udine, a few kilometers from the hilly area, and is bordered by the Cormor river in the west and the Torre torrent in the east.

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