Olga Danelone



Olga Danelone was born in Italy. She took artistic and multimedia studies in both Udine and Urbino. Together with her work as a painter, at first, she carried out an analysis on Eastern philosophy and, afterwards, along with scientific themes, on Western philosophy. Philosophy and science are still part of her personal and artistic research.

She has begun her exhibition activities in 1986 and her works are found in private and public collections both in Italy and around the world.


Artistic research

Olga Danelone combines multiple techniques and languages to bring into the dynamics of contemporary urban life the scientific concept, very dear to her, of trophallaxis: the reciprocal exchange of nourishment that on the one hand unites all the components of a colony of social insects and on the other hand plays an important role in the cohesion of the group itself.

Olga Danelone, through the expansion of roads and its interweaving, the deviations, escalators, roundabouts and confluences, tells of the shared food as a founding element of the cohesion of the group and inescapable social bond.
In the recent idea of the brand “Olga Danelone – International Street View” to be imprinted on maps, there is the further role of ‘Creator of destinies’, approved and stamped, our “to-come” ready and available to all. The beginning of an era where automatism is accepted as an unconscious wish embedded in chemistry.

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Udine is an Italian city of 100,000 people in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

The city is located in the center of the historic Friuli region. It is just over 20 km from Slovenia, and about 54 km from Austria. This places it in a strategic position, on the road leading to Austria and east Europe.

It rises in the high plain. There is the historic castle of Udine, a few kilometers from the hilly area, and is bordered by the Cormor river in the west and the Torre torrent in the east.

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