Le Due Terre

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Le Due Terre was founded in 1984 by Silvana Forte and Flavio Basilicata in Prepotto in the Colli Orientali del Friuli. The name Le Due Terre is a tribute to the territory of the area. It is characterized by two types of land: clay and marl. The company has always had the environment at heart and has developed a method of viticulture and natural production aimed at preserving it.

The work is done only by human hands and chemicals are banned. The grassing of the vineyards, the protection of the forest on the margins of the company, the manual processes, contribute to ensuring that the ecosystem “reacts” positively in synergy with man. This protection of the environment and the vineyard allows minimal intervention in the cellar.


Quality Wines

Vinification takes place in a traditional way, without technology, through the use of indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentations, and permanence in French oak barriques for 21 months without decanting. The result is in the wines as we want them: natural, long-lived and elegant.

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Prepotto, in the province of Udine.

Prepotto is an Italian town of about 800 people in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the province of Udine.

The municipal territory is mainly mountainous and wooded, the historical center of the village, located on the height of Castelmonte, is 618 meters above sea level. The communal territory is crossed by the Judrio stream.

Much of the history of the town has been identified in the construction of the Castle of Castelmonte that overlooks the town and probably rises where there was a Roman post.

The local economy is mainly focused on the production and marketing of wine products.

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